Green Guide to Hajj EBook


The 4 easy and effective ways for a greener approach while doing Hajj are given below:

  1. Embrace Hajj in slow travelling, meaning instead of Air travel which leaves more carbon footprint in the Eco we can opt for slower and efficient travelling via buses and trains.
  2. Do not waste Water excessively; our prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has advised us not to waste water even if we have abundant amount with us. Watch out in wasting water while doing Wudu in Mosques.
  3. Go Solar instead of wasting Electricity, usage of solar source is emerging nowadays in creating green electricity and energy.
  4. Efficient Recycling Processing and re-using things which we throw away simply can be an intoxicant. Use reusable bottle cup, plate and simply not throwing any plastics.

The Green guide to Hajj EBook launched by Dr Husna Ahmad of Global One provides you the easy instructions on implementing a greener approach to Hajj and Umrah. By reading this guide one can take measures in improving our environment around us which will have a big impact on carbon footprint.

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